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2014-Dec-2 - Tied Slaves Pics - Jewel Marceau, Anna Mills, Isabella Sinclaire, Mistress Jean

If you are in to perverted dyke domination then this scene will float your boat. It begins with a leather clad dominatrix leading her two submissive tramps almost about in the the garden. She has them dressed up in true pony fashion, making them dance almost and perform for her. Both of these hotties are extremely submissive, and they have fantastic bodies, their most excellent real estate highlighted by their slutty outfits. The vid moves inside, where we see a nice young bitch dressed in a tight yellow PVC outfit individual bounce with a ball gag and theme dressed up like a pony. She too has to gallop outside, made to do her mistress' bidding.

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2014-Nov-26 - Bondage Torture Stories - Intensity is a Must!

Jeze made her first professional coming here on our pages because a deco hottie. She is now back to do her solo shoot and to show us what she's really made of. She is put in diabolical instruments and subjected to severe torment. She is rewarded with orgasms, other than the orgasms are all earned through suffering.

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2014-Nov-5 - Female Bondage Stories - Roped girls among the ruins

hardcore cartoon porn
Nasty girls in rope and chain servitude among the ruins
More Hot Pictures Inside!

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2014-Oct-27 - Bondage Pics - Triplecross

A blonde is tied and tethered in some VERY uncomfortable positions. After emerging from a carton regardless of the adhesions that tie her wrists and ankles, a jailed woman turns on her captor, ties her up, and punishes her. Captive of a man and later of a woman, a gloomy-haired woman endures humiliation, domination, punishment, and captivity both within the jail room and outside it. If captivity appeals to your darker fantasies -- either because the captive or because the prisoner -- or if you like watching women in attachments or women getting revenge -- youll enjoy watching this gloomy flick.

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2014-Aug-21 - Bondage Stories - Marionette

Claire looked perfect tightly laced into a black corset and balanced on high heels in her white stockings and body suit
except more than looking delicious was needed of this tart. We tied her arms at the rear of her back, suspender her in the air,
unsnapped the crotch of her sheer outfit and watched her moan and writhe on the end of a large thick cocks on a stick.

With her eyes addressed in hemp rope and mouth filled with even more rope, she had no idea when the next push would come,
the next time her pierced vagina would troth filled, then next time she would swing at the end of that long stick.

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Courtesy of fetishnetwork.com

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2014-Aug-12 - Bdsm Bondage Stories - Tie her up

celebrity iphone porn
Julie loves to troth dominated
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2014-Aug-6 - Female Bondage Stories - Orgasmic Bondage

Tied up, captive to a man, these women are still smiling. Two women are locked in a yy-sweety embrace, with one smacking the others meat while the spankee inhales the spankers tits. A man enters the picture and soon is retying the trussed-up woman. The two women are tied up and at the mans mercy. Finally he has them next to one another on a bed and tied in such a way that by moving their hands they bring about each others adhesions to rub each others twat. There is much orgasmic moaning and squawking out because the women move themselves off. The man is surely enjoying the show!

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2014-Jul-8 - Femdom Bondage Stories - Face Bagging Fun

When my slave is extra dirty I place a bag over her head because part of her tit torment session. I find that this sensory deprivation is a great addition to any servitude session for because we all know the enthusiasm of punishment could troth just because intense because the punishment itself. If you don't consider me, watch this picture. You see, not knowing what is happening, or what is likely to happen next, intensifies the torment a thousandfold. Not individual able to see or hear what is happening almost about you is unnerving, even frightening, and is a fine adjunct punishment for a slave.

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2014-Jun-27 - Tied Slave Pics - Suspension for a gorgeous short haired honey

Daria was sick and tired of old fashioned sex and that is why she determined to try something new and a trifle iota more exciting, so she determined to go to the BDSM dungeon and see what is going to happen there. She took off her clothing and revealed her astounding nude body. Her nipples were before now hard which means that she knew that she is going to feel the pain other than she didn`t know that she is going to scream so loudly while her master is twisting her arm at the rear of her back and punishing her. She had no idea that corporal punishments look like this other than she liked it more than what. Her tatas were jumping up and sip like the stock exchange and she was screaming and moaning like never sooner than. That is one of the most excellent moments in her life. Even though she felt the pain, at the same time she knew that she is going to cm several times that night and that is why she let her master do whatever he wants to her. Basically, she didn`t have what also to do other than that since he is in fee.

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2014-Jun-14 - Extreme Bondage Stories - Jewel Marceau, Isabella Sinclaire, Mia Pavelli

Two divas are chained to a wall with their tits squished together, kissing through their masks. Their dominatrix arrives to separate them, moving them to the floor masked with their hands rebound at the back of their back. She places a existing machine almost one of their mouths, teasing them to share air in order to breath, then closes them inside a rubber bag. Inside the bag they have to kiss and share the oxygen that one hussy is getting, they commence to enjoy the intimacy of the bag. When the mistress returns she is let down that they enjoyed their punishment.

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2014-May-30 - Bondage Girls Pictures - Punished Penis

The 20-year-old blonde cheerleader Sky Waters was studying for a college exam on her couch when her neighbor walked in her house and started exposing his genitals to her! She was so grossed out and insulted by this gesture that she started kicking him in the balls while he was trying to pleasure himself in front of her! Sky started punching kicking and kneeing him in the groin while he was totally naked and she even started using racial slurs and insults about his small penis!

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2014-May-13 - Bondage Pics -

Two tits, several lengths of rope, suction meals, sequences, clamps... what more do you need for a fine session of busy tit torment?! It's all here in this VERY hot flick that will have both submissives and Dominants alike squirming willingly to try out the methods depicted in here. The subs will troth creaming their panties at the thought of experiencing such exquisite torment while we Doms keenly expect inflicting it. What would YOU like to do to a lush and luscious pair of generously proportioned boobs? Just for fun, count up the many forms of torment you could think of BEFORE you watch the flick. Then evaluate your list with the picture.

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2014-Apr-13 - Bondage Fuck Pics - The Challenge

Claire is our remarkable rubber slavery girl. That's why we have her back time and time once more.
She's just so much fun to corner, twist and mangle. She was begging for something tricky for this session,
and we obliged, giving her a wickedly demanding inverted pole suspension --
followed by some sweet candle wax and a big vibe to make her twitch and quake.

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Courtesy of fetishnetwork.com

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2014-Apr-5 - Female Bondage Movies - Part of the Process

Dylan returns and looks hotter than ever. Orlando jumps right in and starts the daylight with her legs spread wide and then commences to make this tall hussy scream. She is at the verge of collapse and then a squirting orgasm is ripped from her slit.

Next she is in a domestic dog position, except suspended by leather and sequences. Her body falls under the sadistic cane and then clamped in all the perfect places. Again she is made to cum, except then released and made to remove all of the clamps herself.

Finally, she is perched up with her legs held apart by steel pipes and Omega is shoved into her hungry cunt. She is fucked into oblivion and too helpless to stop the process.

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2014-Mar-27 - Bbw Bondage Stories - Jewel Marceau, Mia Pavelli

Is there no end to the nasty torments that this mistress wants to hand out to her victims? In this curtail, the mistress is dressed in a skin firm red PVC outfit, tightly hugging her voluptuous curves. Her hapless victim is totally naked, spread out with her arms and legs tied. Her enormous breasts are exposed and so is her shaved vagina, and the harder she struggles critical her adhesions, the tighter they turn out to be. Her mistress regards her with freezing aloofness, wet hot candle wax on her private spots. The poor model screams because the hot wax touches her nipples and her sensitive clit, other than her cries are a strange mix of pain and pleasant pleasure.

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2014-Mar-12 - Bondage Pics - The Cable Guy

The cable guy ties up a woman in fuschia panties. He ties her in several assorted positions, taking great pains to get her securely roped, and lightly whips her vagina with the end of the rope. He seems to take huge pleasure in what he is doing. In her fuschia panties and turquoise and multicolor bra, shes a colorful sight because she lies stretched out on the rug or sits up, rebound in place. Her breasts are roped almost securely, too, though that doesnt stop the cable guy from briefly playing with them. Mostly, though, we just watch her struggle and squirm. But the smile on her face tells us shes enjoying her captivity.

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2014-Feb-22 - Sex Bondage Rules - hot dumb blonde

masters tie slaves pictures
she has perky suckable tits
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2014-Feb-17 - Female Bondage Movies - Afternoon Tryst

Claire has a appetite that might't wait, a need to get dominated. She request Knotnice.com in desperation and arranges to meet us at a hotel.
We are only too happy to oblige. We get the crew together and head over. Claire, stripped to her heels, stockings, garters and gloves is a sight to observe.

Ravishing. Claire is rebound hand and foot and waits on her hands and knees, her hips gyrating in excitement.
What do we have in store for her? Rope, a firm hand, a riding cut back, clothespins,
extra-tight nipple clamps, a vibrator, and one totally killer orgasm. Enjoy.

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Courtesy of fetishnetwork.com

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2014-Jan-27 - Bondage Stories And Pictures - Bent Back Bitch Part III

The way Darling is tied to this post you will have to see it to think about. It is nothing short of spectacular. She is lashed to it, several feet off of the ground, while her tits are tied off and her meat caned. It is the astounding, back-flouting bridge that she is tied into that really takes the cake. And Penny Barber has a front row seat to the devastation of Darling's body.

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2013-Dec-31 - Hardcore Bondage Porn - Sadenas Pets

A woman ties one more woman up across a sawhorse and in various other positions. The black-clad dominatrix in leather boots and patterned stockings ties up one more woman in her well-equipped dungeon. She verbally orders her almost and leads her by a rope, ties her further, whips her lightly with a kitten o nine tails, and generally makes her behavior subservient, which the submissive seems to have no trouble with. The dominatrix ties and reties her captive, while the captive struggles in vain critical her attachments. But the dom constantly has the upper hand. And enjoys it.

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